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How can Microgrids trace the transition into a new energy management?

This is the second newsletter of GREENCAP project . GREENCAP is the...

Last 27th of September, GREENCAP project held an event in Barcelona hosted...



Renewable Energy



The transnational challenge of the project is the cohesion and blending of the results arising from modular projects by creating a common network among all the established partnership resulting in a community in which activities and results will be shared. This objective will be achieved by creating links among different consortia that could share results of activity afferent the same fields of competence, thus widening the targets achieved by individual projects through the complementarity of skills and the sharing of the results.

The main outputs of the project will be the creation of a MED community and of synergies among the projects, the analysis and management of the community project results, the dissemination and capitalization of the outcomes. The approach of the project foresees a common and easy to use communication supports realisation, the participation to thematic events and the enlargement of existing thematic networks dedicated to renewable energy in islands and rural areas.

These activities will also involve actors other than the modular projects partners in order to create the conditions and links allowing to exploit and use the different projects results at larger scale. The expected change will be the boosting of the impact that each project can achieve thanks to the immediate multiplication of the targets reached and the growth of the expertise gained by comparing the results obtained with different approaches.