An Ecological response to the Climate Crisis

Remote and sparsely populated areas in the Mediterranean Region have a special vulnerability to climate change. It is necessary to establish emissions reduction and resilience strategies using systems thinking and to set these within their territorial, social and economic realities.

The ETU initiative aims to support mitigation of emissions and set climate adaptation solutions using an ecosystemic approach.



Territorial Equity

The depopulation of rural areas on one side and the extreme pressure islands are facing due to tourism activities in the MED regions on the other is increasing inequality between urban and rural areas.

The ETU initiative proposes to boost energy cooperation between rural and urban areas:

The rural area guaranteeing production of RES to meet demand in the urban area

The urban area guaranteeing financing for RES projects in the rural area



Social Innovation

Beyond citizen awareness, it is important to consider the connection of the green transition with poverty and the risk of exclusion, especially in regions that are more vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.

The ETU initiative promotes an alternative governance model that enhances the empowerment of communities, increases their organisational capacity and is implemented in a socially just way.



Green Economy

In the new globalised and digital economy, new possibilities for the reallocation of economic activities are enabled, particularly to those places where resources are available and energy is produced. The ETU initiative aims to be a catalyst of rural revitalization, taking energy transition as a starting point to bring alternative sources of added value and new economic models.



Cooperation & Commitment

The ETU initiative promotes multilevel governance in order to help territories to identify their potential and to create organisational arrangements and business models to accelerate the  energy transition.


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