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March 6th 2020

From 6th to 7t February, the Kick-off event of Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community was launched gathering all project partners, associated partners and key local stakeholders. The event counted with a working session during the first day, and debate sessions at the second one.

The aim of the first day was to work on the principles, transferring and advocacy actions that set the basis of the ETU initiative and to identify the expected outcomes that the Project can foresee with the participation of all attendees. For that purpose, assistants were divided into 5 groups, accordingly to the ETU initiative manifesto points: 1) Territorial Equity (moderated by Alberto Giaconia, ENEA, Italy;  2) Social Innovation (Elvira González, Research4Consulting, Spain);  3) Green Economy (Konstantinos Komninos, Aegean Energy & Environemt Agency, Greece); 4) Cooperation& Commitment (Hrvoje Mara and Mihaela Babic, REGEA, Croatia) , and a fifth group dedicated to ETU toolbox (moderated by Alexia Boulanger, Environment Park).


At the second one, the sessions were focused on bringing up the debate around ETU mainstreaming at local and regional level, identifying those potential cases in Spain and especially in the territory of Catalonia. The objective was to obtain a set of needs from different target groups’ point of view: citizens, local authorities and business.


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