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The Capitalisation strategy of the Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community will be driven through the ETU intiative. The aim of the ETU initiative is to contribute to the effort of adaptation to climate change through mobilizing empowered territories to trace their energy-transition roadmap through innovative governance based on the following principles:

  1.  Ecological response to Climate Crisis
  2. Territorial equity
  3. Social innovation
  4. Green economy
  5. Commitment & Cooperation.

We are looking for empowered communities, committed local authorities, investors and researchers to add efforts into this experience and prove that governance and empowerment in a coordinated way can be the capitalisation strategy to warantee a fair energy transition and also to revitalize our Mediterranean territories.

The second generation of the Renewable Energy Community will begin its activities by November 2019 promoting the ETU initiative. If you are interested to participate, don’t hesitate to contact us:


    Join us and sign the manifesto!



Join us and sign the manifesto!

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