Community Outcomes - October 2019

Dear readers, I am pleased to present you our eighth edition, this time it appears after an intensive participation at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (EUWRC 2019). For the Interreg Med Renewable Energy Community has been a relevant week, because several of our Projects had been carrying out sessions and side events in the framework of the event.

Some of these sessions have been co-organized with the rest of the Horizontal Projects of the Interreg Med Programme, fact that proves we had built a consolidated collaborative working force for Capitalisation actions. Moreover, we feel proud about the sessions organized by the Modular Projects of our Community, at the EU Parliament (COMPOSE Project) and at the Commission of Regions and Cities (LOCAL4GREEN Project). For that reason, we considered relevant to dedicate this edition to the EUWRC 2019, which you will fnd summarized at the MED in Brussels section.

Regarding to the latest outcomes of Renewable Energy MED Community, you will fnd by one side, information about our frst Webinar about WebGIS Platform realized by our Partners Environment Park, and also the recent participation of the Horizontal Projects at the Panoramed Platform Innovation Camp held in Barcelona.

At last but not least, we invite you as well to follow and join us at the MED for YOU “Unfolding strong narrative for policy change” the Capitalisation Event organized by the Interreg Med Programme next Thursday 24th of October in Athens.

Yours sincerely,

Cynthia Echave

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Greencap Communication Coordinator - Editor.