The ETU initiative - October 2019

I am pleased to present you our ninth edition, which in this occasion marks the end of the Renewable Energy Community frst stage. The Projects arrive into the end of their activities the last outcomes and conclusions are already stated in a set of deliverables and events held during these last weeks.

GREENCAP, the Horizontal Project of the Renewable Energy MED Community, also experiences the end of a stage full of good memories and lessons learned, that encourages us and give us the engine to begin with a positive strenght the upcomming new stage.

For that reason, we wanted to dedicate this edition to one of the main outcomes we had achieved: The Ecosystemic Transition Unit (ETU). You will fnd a summary about the ETU Initiative, the policy recomendations we want to promote through it and the Manifesto for a multilevel governance model.

At the same time, we dedicate in our What’s new in our community? section, the latest conclusions from each one of the six Modular Projects from our community. Which are the key fndings and the expected capitalisation actions of their projects.

On behalf of the Greencap team, once again thank you for following our thoughts and reflections through our newsletter. For me has been a pleasure been the Editor and hope we continue maintaining your attention provinding you useful contents to promote a Clean-Energy Transition for the Mediterranean. See you very soon with new contents!

Yours sincerely,

Cynthia Echave

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Greencap Communication Coordinator - Editor.