1st Axis 2 Thematic Event: “Tracing Capitalization Strategy in the framework of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ”

Greencap Thematic Event Axis 2 in Rome

The Faculty of Architecture from the Sapienza University was the venue for the first Axis 2 Thematic Event. This event was hosted by the PRISMI Project and organized in close cooperation with GREENCAP and MEDNICE Horizontal Projects.

The Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy Communities share and complement each other in technical and policies approaches. The event aimed at tracing a roadmap for a capitalization strategy based on a common approach from both Thematic Communities.  The main outcome was to identify among the Modular Projects of both Communities which would be the main impact that joining forces could have on policies, economy and society within the MED area. The program counted with the presentation of PRISMI Project and the participation of four experts:

  • Prof. Edoard Croci - Research Director of the research centre of economics and policy of energy and environment (IEFE), Milan
  • Eng. Ezilda Costanzo – Project manager and researcher at Energy Efficiency Department in ENEA;
  • GB Zorzoli – President of the Coordination of Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency (FREE) and
  • Dr. Simona De Iuliis – ENEA – Project leader and solar energy expert at Technical-Strategic Support Unit of Energy Technologies Department.

They firstly talked about constraints for efficient buildings, policies, disruptive technologies and capitalization strategies in renewable energy sector. Then, two workshops were organized.

During the first one, each Thematic Community discussed about barriers and opportunities as well as capitalization activities to prioritize.

The second workshop mixed people from both Thematic Communities and categorized them in three topics: Business models, Social awareness and Policies. During this second stage, attendants were able to discuss common constraints and opportunities in terms of low carbon economy capacity building.

It was a fruitful meeting mixing Modular projects from two Communities, not only in regard to the knowledge transfer but also in regard to synergy reinforcement between the different Interreg Med Projects. Next 18th of October 2018, will be organized the 2nd Axis 2 Thematic Event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we count to continue making advances on technical outcomes from this common topics.