How regional clusters can be boosted?

Dear reader,
I am glad to present our 4th Newsletter issue of Renewable Energy Community. In this occasion, the topic is focused on Clusters and their impact as catalysts and driven forces for change. At this moment, we have already crossed the equator of the project and the Renewable Energy MED Community is on its way of consolidation. We begin a new stage in which the results begin to take shape and the collaborations solidify, within our community as well as with the rest of the MED communities. That is why we find appropriate to talk about the potential of clusters and especially in the MED area.A cluster is an innovative concept that promotes the integration of several sectors/ industries in a specifc space in order to boost the development and creativity of new technologies and approaches that will beneft everyone/stakeholder/ sector, while at the same time a sort of competence between them would increase the desire to grow. Once understood the concept and potential application of clusters, is obvious that its benefts are numerous and valuable; however, the creation of a cluster is a complex long task that implies the active effort of every actor.

In this newsletter, this complexity, the key points to make a successful cluster, and its necessities, are developed. Then, why and how clusters could be a tool to face climate change is explained. To finish, it has been focused on its potential in the Mediterranean region. You will find a summary of the latest activities developed by RES Community Projects in the past months. Also, there is a section of the next upcoming relevant events in Europe and MED area for this month. We also want to encourage you to join us to our up-coming events at Ljubljana Conference next 18-19 of October and Ecomondo, Smart Cities BCN and Pollutec Fair during November.

Hope you enjoy it.  

Cynthia Echave
Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona
Greencap Communication Coordinator - Editor