Our 6th Newsletter is online!

Green Fiscalisation

Dear readers, I am pleased to present you our newsletter dedicated to green fiscalisation. At this moment projects from our Community are setting their fnal stage and preparing to capitalize their results. There are several contributions to regulatory framework from Renewable Energy Community Projects, but we found interesting to highlight the relevance of local authority’s governance capacity and the potential catalyst effect of local tax policies to drive clean-energy transition in an effective way.

For that purpose, we invited to our special contents section Mr. Francesco Filipi from Mussol Foundation, partner of Local4green Med Project, to set us in the context of the topic and the main opportunities that represents for our municipalities governance. We wanted to highlight as well the relevance of linking green fscalisation policies with social impact. Some examples in the past showcase the risk of failure from pushing environmental policies without considering the affection to the most vulnerable part of our societies

Energy poverty and risk of exclusion shouldn’t be underestimated, and every policy that drives behavioral change for sustainable life style, should be supported by the implementation of alternative solutions that ensure affordable access. Fortunately, there are several successful cases of tax bonus that incentive citizens and companies to invest into renewable energy, such as Local-4green pilots. Regarding to our latest news and up-coming activities, we invite you to take a look to your agenda and see if any of the events organized in our community are close to you, we would be pleased to welcome you.

Yours sincerely,

Cynthia Echave

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Greencap Communication Coordinator - Editor