Our 7th Newsletter is online!

Regional Consultation Process of the Project

Dear readers,

I am pleased to present you our seventh edition, this time it appears after three months of intense work on our project, which has been characterized by two main activities:

1) organization of the first six Regional Consultations about Ecosystem Transition Unit (ETU) and

2) participation in the EUSEW Week European Sustainable Energy in Brussels. For us, this has been one of the most important stages of the project, not only because it represents the first transferring action of the Renewable Energy Community, but also for giving us the opportunity to validate the ETU concept with different key actors at local, regional and national levels.

For this reason, we consider relevant to dedicate this edition to explain how this consultation process was, since it will provide the basis for our position paper and policy recommendations statement, based on the territorial needs detected. In the section of Special Contents, you will find a summary of the six regional consultations and the participation of the Renewable Energy Community in the European Week of Sustainable Energy in Brussels last June, with the representation of Local4Green, StoRES, Pegasus and Compose Projects. Undoubtedly, the experience in Brussels has been very rewarding for Renewable Energy Community.

EUSEW gathers experts from a large number of countries exposing their advances and projects through policy sessions, stands, talks and parallel events. A truely networking exercise. With regard to upcoming activities, most of the modular projects within the community are preparing their final events. So we also invite you to reserve the date for events organized jointly with the MED communities next October in Brussels and for the Interreg Med Program #MEDforYOU event in Athens. Have a great summer!

Cynthia Echave

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Greencap Communication Coordinator - Editor