Renewable Energy Community at the MADE in MED Event “Crafting the Future Mediterranean”

MADE in MED Event

On April 18th and 19thInterreg MED Programme organized the Mid-term Event in Rome. Built on the concept of Fablab: “Fabrication Laboratory”, this event presented the first results of 90 Modular Projects through a conference and an exhibition. The event counted with the participation of all Thematic Communities through the conference session organization and the exhibition corners. During the first day, conference sessions highlighted the contributions from Modular Projects in three main topics: Climate Change, Blue Economy and Inclusive Growth. Each session counted with a Panel of experts that discussed about constraints and ideas for the MED area’s future. Renewable Energy Community jointly with Green Growth, Efficient Buildings and Urban Transports Communities has coordinated the Climate Change Session.

Renewable Energy Community participated at the exhibition through the Think-Tank Hotspot. The objective of our corner was to offer interactive demonstration activities with the aim of bringing the overall approach of all our Community Modular Projects out through two games: “Strategy Quiz” & “Craft your microgrid!”

In both cases game is used as a learning tool and knowledge transfer method. A piece of the acquired knowledge is the understanding of possible threats that can happen during microgrid‘s management. At the same time, players can learn about the strategies proposed by RES Community.  Our Think-Tank Hotspot also counted with two demonstrations: PRISMI Toolkit and SToRES PV Solar Storage. PRISMI Toolkit integrates energy system models into a GIS, tailored for MED islands and able to assess and map RES potential. 

These two days have been an opportunity to convey the idea and values of co-working, knowledge sharing and innovation but also to look towards the future of cooperation in the Mediterranean area.