About us

Our Community encourages the use of the Ecosystemic Transition Unit model (ETU) to integrate the energy transition into territorial planning and to enhance local sustainable development using a holistic approach.

We use a multi-level coordination model to bring together governance, economic competitiveness and social innovation with the goal of improving rural livability and resilience.

The Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community promotes the integration of renewable energies across the Mediterranean with a focus on rural and islands areas.

Project Phases

Phase 1

From 2016-2019 six pilot projects were carried out across the northern Mediterranean to implement a variety of renewable energy systems in rural and island areas. The Renewable Energy Community used these experiences to design a model for replicating these projects - the Ecosystemic Transition Unit (ETU).

Phase 2

In the second phase of the Renewable Energy project (2019-2022) the Renewable Energy Community will share this model with municipalities, businesses, and academia from across the region, making the ETU model a reference that communities in the Mediterranean and beyond can implement to join the energy transition.