Who we are?

The GREENCAP initiative is a MED Horizontal project whose overall objective is to valorize and capitalize the technical and scientific integrated results of the modular projects community in t he Renewable Energy Sources (RES) field within the Mediterranean (MED) area, particularly in the islands and rural districts.

The project aims to make outcomes accessible to all relevant stakeholders, enabling them to propose and include new solutions in their territorial plans, strategies and regulations. All the interested regions of the MED area will be involved thanks to the creation of the renewable energy community by the partners of the projects, extended within the whole MED area. The community will contribute to the enlargement of the already existing networks addressing the topic. Also partners of previous projects of the MED program and other EU programs, related to RES topics, will be invited in the “enlarged” community. The integrated results will be presented during numerous thematic events in the MED area involving different target groups such as local authorities, citizens, research centers, companies, experts. The partnership will organize own events and will also participate to events organized by other entities. Networking activities will be implemented, using existing tools and platforms. During the thematic events, networking activities such as B2B and speed meetings will be done. The projects results will also be disseminated through posters and technical papers presented to some thematic international fairs with a huge participation.

Horizontal Partners

Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj
Lead Partner

Urban Ecology
Agency of Barcelona

Zenica Development
Agency ZEDA

Environment Park Spa


Patras Science Park S.A.