Why & How



The GREENCAP initiative is a MED Horizontal project whose overall objective is to valorize and capitalize the technical and scientific integrated results of the modular projects community in t he Renewable Energy Sources (RES) field within the Mediterranean (MED) area, particularly in the islands and rural districts.

Main activities 

  • Horizontal projects are the unifying element of a thematic community of projects. They are in charge of community building activities, joint communication and joint capitalisation of the relevant projects. They shall allow real synergies and provide a better visibility to reach policy making level.
  • Community building and creation of synergies and connection bridges among the projects of the MED renewable energy community.
  • Diffusion and dissemination of the integrated modular projects results into the whole MED area, particularly islands and rural areas.
  • Organization and participation to regional, national and international thematic events in the renewable energy field.
  • Capitalization of the modular projects results in the MED area.
  • Enlargement of thematic networks and eventual creation of new networks and agreements on the MED area scale and other regions from Europe.